Best US Programs in Agronomy

How did that food, coffee, and tea you drank end up in your plate or cup? A farmer was involved, but he can't take all the credit; a crop or plant doctor therefore an agronomist took part in providing valuable information to ensure the plants and farm's success.
So what is agronomy? It's a science that is focused on the production of crops, how crops can be improved, how soil can affect crop production, and how crops can be effectively grown. It involves science and research where plant and soil samples are taken and tested to better understand the make-up or properties of that field or farm.
Agronomy is a backbone or a foundation of any successful farm. It takes more than the farmer to just plow or work on the land. Having a career as an agronomist is not for everyone, but if spending time in a field, farm, and lab excites you, then knowing the best US programs in agronomy is a must.
So here’s a list of the three best agronomy programs in the US.

1. Agronomy and Crop Science Program

This program explores the fusion of science and technology to the growing and cultivation of plants. Program members take many scientific principles in their study, thus employing research in producing plants for food, crop production, and management of the soil.
You will receive training and learn in various areas which include plant pathology, plant ecology, plant physiology, entomology, environmental science, animal science, food science, breeding, pest and insect management.
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2. Agronomy and Horticulture

This program offers training to Ph.D. and M.S. students operating or collaborating with science in the production and management of crops.
A student will be focusing on environmental horticulture, landscape horticulture, agronomy fundamentals, biotechnology, crop physiology, crop production, floriculture, plant biology, and weed science.
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3. A Certificate Program in Agronomy

This certificate program develops a strong foundation in the agriculture and farming industry offering skills that will be relevant in the industry. This is more of an entry-level or introductory program to agronomy and a student will get valuable agronomy skills.
The program’s general area of interest includes soil management, organic farming, pest, insect and disease management, entomology, grain introduction, cultivation and processing, weed management and farm machinery usage.
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These programs mean that you can either get employment or a job as a food or crop scientist, farmer, environmental scientist, consultant for crops, and conservationist.